The Grand Experiment

What are Sushi Projects? They’re raw, small, and powerful games. They’re card games printed in black and white, served up in a baggie for easy carrying. And of course, they’re cheap. You can get 5 games or more different games for the price of one game sold by another company.

But what else are they? They are part of a grand experiment in game design and production.

You see, for the next few months, we will be trying to release two new games every month. And don’t think we’re just sloppily throwing games out there: each one will be thoroughly tested and expertly designed graphically. We want to give you, the game players of the world, a diverse menu of games to choose from. We plan to span the various game genres, and bring both solid traditional style games along with experimental games by our game design studio.

Most of all, we want to know what you think. Love a game? Hate it? You can rate all of our games right on the site, and comment on them. If a game is popular enough, we’ll consider giving it a full color treatment later on when we enter that phase of the experiment.

Snow For Blind People

little snow swept through yesterday afternoon. I wouldn’t have noticed were it not for me not noticing a building a block over burn down earlier in the week and not hear the end of it from the rest of the staff. I don’t think i would have noticed even still, had i not been putting together a Helen Keller vs Lincoln test deck for DHVr2.

Keller tested pretty well in both one on one and in 4 player (using DHVr1 for players 3 and 4). She’s a little chaotic and much like Mahatma Zombie she will frustrate many attack based players with her complicated defenses. For example, Keller has several STRUGGLES that block, which grants her quite a lot of flex to her tactics. She also has some interesting choice cards like the walking stick and wooden nickles. With the walking stick, Keller can deal a massive 6 damage to her opponent, but at the cost of lowering her hand size to _one_. With wooden nickles, Keller will deal 1 damage for each card still in her hand when the card is resolved.

It's Cool To Be Un-Cool