07 Nov What Your Comic Book Needs For That Mint Designation

Every comic book collector wants to ensure that their books are kept in mint condition. In some cases the difference between a mint condition book, a near mint book and a very fine condition book can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the collector’s market. Here’s a look at some of the things that you need to consider when it comes to having your comic be read as a mint condition book. This is to give you an idea of what might be of use when getting your comic book to be sold off right. 

How Is It Bound? 

A mint condition book will has a subtle binding and printing style to it. It will tear up to one-sixteenth of an inch if you have a Silver Age comic or later. If you have a Golden Age comic then it will tear at up to one-fourth of an image. The standards for printing books obviously changed over the years, thus resulting in this particular standard. 

How Is the Cover? 

The cover must be bright and reflective. It should be flat with no signs of wear as well. The creases may come with a bend at one-sixteenth of an inch at the most. 

This should be printed on strong paper that is cream or off-white in color. The key is to keep the paper as fresh as possible. If there are any signs of yellowing on the paper then the quality will not be anywhere near as good as it should be. 

What to Avoid 

comic book-2A comic book must not feature any repairs. That is, it should not have been fixed to take care of any tears or other spots of wear. 

Tears have to be avoided around the book as well. Some places are willing to accept slight tears but these typically have to be only one or two millimeters in length if they are going to be taken seriously. 

The book cannot have any acidic odors either. These acids are often used to preserve parts of a comic. If there are odors coming from the book then the book will not be listed in mint condition. 

Also, the spine must not be split and there should be little to no stress lines on the body of the comic book. This is to ensure that the book is sturdy and kept to where it was as strong as it might have been when it was first up for sale. 

How Are the Corners? 

The corners may have a small bit of blunting on them. This must be as minimal as possible to ensure that there is no more stress on the book than what might really be required out of it. 

There must not be any creases on the corners either. These creases can be rather distracting and disruptive to the overall quality of the book. 

If you are going to sell a comic book of yours then you need to be certain that you have met the proper mint designation for getting it sold off. If you can sell off a book in mint condition then it should be very easy for you to get quite a profit off of it.

23 Oct Why Are People Interested In Slice Of Life Comics?

People love to read comics in order to escape from the real world. The fantastic stories and characters in many of these comics are ones that are very attractive to people who want to simply explore a unique series of worlds. 

Even with all this in mind, people are often interested in slice of life comics. These are comics that are typically about events and activities in one’s life. In many cases these comics will talk about the things that a character does during the course of a typical day. 

Sometimes a comic will be run without a coherent plot or conflict. In other instances there might not be a definitive ending. 

This is a rather interesting type of comic that is unusual to some but it is rather popular. There are many good reasons why people are so interested in slice of life comics even if they are as different from so many other types of comics that people can read these days. 

They Talk About Life 

In many cases people are interested in slice of life comics because they are about the things that people can experience on a daily basis. In some instances these stories can talk about the things people see and what they do for a living while painting it all in a rather interesting life. Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor series is a great example of a slice of life comic that truly defines this genre. 

These stories about life may be autobiographical in some cases as well. It’s like a documentary-style look into one’s life when everything is considered. It can create a rather interesting and realistic look into one’s life if it is all done the right way.

They Look At Certain Times In Life 

slice-of-life-1Some of these comics will also take a look at different times in one’s life and based their stories around the things that people might find during those times. Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World series is known to be a popular example as it covers the world as seen through teenagers. The times in one’s life can be rather intereseting and many of the best stories are ones that cover the ways how one’s life can change and be influenced by what one sees. 

It’s Easy To Relate To It 

In all candor, it can be tough to relate to some comic stories. After all, the supernatural features of such stories can be fun but people often want to enjoy more out of their books. They want to enjoy stories that they know they can relate to in some way. Slice of life books are designed to let people know that the world around them is unique and special in many ways. It’s as though a story is being grounded in reality but is still rather unique in terms of how it was made. 

The concept of the slice of life comic is more than just something that sounds simple. It is also something that is very reflective of today’s world and is worth exploring when taking a look at different comics.

11 Oct Comic Books Are Still Available For Kids

When you were younger, you probably went out to the comic book store on occasion to check out the latest issues. Today the comic book industry has clearly matured with today’s adults in mind but there are still a good number of comic books that are perfectly appropriate for kids today. 

There are many fine comic books for kids to check out. On the surface, their dialogue may be a little simpler and they might have a more cartoon-like look to them. However, there is much more to these books for kids than what you might think. 

Why Are They So Great? 

What makes these comics great for kids is that they can do more than just introduce them to the amazing world of comics. They can also get kids to explore some new and fascinating worlds. The amazing thing about comics is that they can come in so many forms these days that there are always going to be choices out there for kids to enjoy. 

In addition, these are comics that you can feel proud about letting your kids read. These include comics that feature fun stories about life, fantasy, science fiction and many more things that kids of all ages might have some interest in these days. 

What Types Are There? 

The types of comic books for kids to check out these days are amazingly vast. Here’s a few of the best examples to take a look at with regards to how these comic books are being made today: 

  • comic books-1There are a number of interesting comic books out there that are based of of classic stories. These include comic retellings of some interesting stories with many of these divided up into a series of many volumes.
  • There are also books that are designed as slice of life books that profile kids and teenagers in all sorts of traditional environments. The long-running Archie series is a very popular example of this.
  • Some of these comic books are also based off of characters from some of the hottest television shows and movies for kids. The Adventure Time series of comic books has been among the most popular series for kids to check out these days.
  • There are even some interesting educational comics out there. These aren’t necessarily science books by any stretch of the imagination; they are comics that showcase some amazingly unique facts in a fun environment. 

The amazing aspect of these comics is that they are ones that offer more than enough things for kids to explore. The comic industry is growing so it is clear that people are going to be making more appealing comics for kids as time goes along. 

The vast world of comic books for kids is rather strong and worth exploring. There are many great comic books for kids to read these days so be sure to check out your local comic book store to see what issues are available for them to see. The options that are out there right now include some fine options that will certainly be entertaining.

07 Feb The Growing Popularity Of Gaming Conventions In Toronto

Many people think that video gaming is confined to dark bedrooms and computer screens, but the truth is that there are now many social events centered around the world of video gaming. Indeed, there are thousands of gaming conventions taking place every year all over the globe.

The gaming scene in Toronto, for instance, is growing in size every year. Incidentally, if you are looking to attend some of the great gaming conventions in Toronto in the near future, you might want to consider renting a condo in the area. This is because renting a place for a few weeks is typically a lot cheaper than staying in hotel accommodation. To find some of the best rentals in area, you need to make sure that you visit reputable websites. Visiting a website run by a reputable firm is important because there are many rogue real estate agents in operation today and many people are being conned into renting apartments and condos that are not suitable for their needs. When it comes to looking at toronto condos for sale from the leaders in toronto condos with a view to buy instead of rent, it is also important to make sure that you visit reputable real estate agents.

Of course, Toronto is not the only city with a growing gaming scenes. Indeed, there are hundreds of cities around the world that are looking to cash in on the gaming convention scene. After all, some video game fans are prepared to pay over one thousand dollars in order to get VIP tickets to various gaming conventions, so organizers of such events are able to generate a considerable amount of money.
Many people believe the YouTube is partially responsible for the increasing popularity of gaming conventions, as many using of the site’s user upload videos of themselves attending various conventions and these videos inspire others to book tickets to the conventions. It is not uncommon for YouTube video clips featuring gaming events to receive over 100,000 views.
Many people wrongly believe that gaming events are just for young males, but the truth is that the demographic of people who attend video gaming conventions is very diverse. Some of the people who attend such events do not even play games themselves, they are just interested in making connections with people in the industry and enjoying social interactions. Gaming conventions also provide people from different industries, such as journalists and game developers, with the opportunity to meet in person.

In order to have the best experience when going to a gaming convention, it is generally a good idea to purchase VIP tickets. If you don’t buy VIP tickets, you might find yourself having to queue in line for a long time in order to gain admission. What’s more, if you purchase VIP tickets for an event early, they won’t be as expensive as you might first imagine.

It is fair to say that Canada has a lot of very popular gaming conventions running each year. However, you should not just look at Toronto condos for sale if you are looking for accommodation during your stay in Canada. This is because many of the most popular gaming conventions take place in different cities besides Toronto, such as Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver and Montreal.

06 Jan What Should Your Local Comic Book Store Have?

If you’re trying to find a comic book store these days then you need to be certain that you are finding an option that you know will be ideal for whatever interests you hold. Several things need to be explored in a great comic book store that can really be of interest to you. The things that come from a local comic book store can really be fascinating and thrilling for anyone to take a careful look at. These places will often buy Twitter followers and show people saying “look what I found” when promoting themselves but so much more has to go into it all.

What’s the Selection?

Your local comic book store’s collection needs to have a good selection that is divided quite well. You might want to look for spots that have not only a good selection of comics but also many different options that are divided in a series of categories based on characters, themes, publishers, styles and much more. Don’t forget that some comic book stores may have comics for kids and even private sections that feature comics that are designed for adults only.

How Much Of An Archive?

Comic book collecting is a great thing for anyone to get into. However, not every comic book store will have a good archive of stuff to choose from. Sometimes it is easier for you to get more comic books from a spot that has a larger archive collection but you might want to see how such comics are stored and protected. A good store will take extremely good care of all the archived copies of comics that it holds. It will even hold the most valuable items in some rather tight and highly protected spots.

What About Collectibles?

Comic book stores have plenty of collectibles to choose from ranging from posters to action figures to models. These are great things to find at a quality comic book and can really make for a few smart and appealing options that you know will really stand out in some form. Collectibles can also be packaged in their original containers to make them all the more valuable. Of course, you should know that you’ll have to pay for something in the event that you do end up breaking open the package that you are trying to look into. Then again, you’d also have to pay for a comic book in the event that you damage it just as well; the standards vary by each store that you go to.

Don’t Forget Gaming

Comic book stores have plenty of gaming items as well. From card-based games to D&D and other tabletop games can really be fun. Comic book stores are often going to include an extensive variety of materials for gaming purposes including many of the newest editions of games that have been updated with some rather important rules that will guide the ways how a game is to be played.

You might really be surprised to see what is in your local comic book store. Make sure you are fully aware of what you can explore and enjoy holding in a store like this as you might really be amazed at some of the different items of use in this spot.

21 Nov The Inker Is Crucial For Comic Books

The odds are you will probably come across a bunch of black and white pages in some comic books. While it is true that many books are in full color, black and white is still a feature in many editions. These black and white comic books cannot be made possible without the efforts that are made by inkers.

An inker is a person who will take a pencil and go over different artistry features with ink. This will take a drawing and turn it into a fully fleshed out work of art.

The key purpose of the inker is to ensure that the images that you read in a comic book will be more vibrant and interesting to see. The images will stand out and look dynamic in any surrounding provided that the inker uses the right skills to make it happen.

conan inking

An inker can easily take care of the artistry features in any comic book but there are some pointers that the inker must use when it comes to getting any project completed:

• The inker needs the right kind of ink to make it all worthwhile. Although Epson XP-215 Ink like what is on sale at http://www.superinks.co.uk/epson-expression-home-xp-215-ink/ can help, an inker works best with India ink that will keep its color intact as it gets on the page.
• An extensive variety of brushes that feature a variety of thickness ratings will be strongly recommended. Ink may need to be added in some very thin or fine lines while some thicker brushes may work for larger textures. It is best to have a variety of different ink options to work with in any case.
• Straight edge materials are often used in some cases. Straight edge items work to help create straight lines and to manage borders and other extended lines. This makes the production more professional when used the right way.
• An inker also needs to create plenty of shade effects around the book. Shades may be adjusted with the use of different brushes or sponges that might keep the ink from being far too strong on the page. Sometimes different ink shades are used but the key is to keep the ink that has to be used from being too dark or thick.
• Most importantly, an inker needs more than enough patience. It can take a bit for the inking project to be fully completed due to the many ways how so many lines might be added to a page. It may take hours just to get every single part of a page to look great but the end result will be worthwhile if done the right way.

This is a position in the comic book industry that needs to be run with care. A great inker will be someone who is not only capable of working with the right materials but also has the skill to pull off the best possible lines for any comic book. This is to make everything look even more impressive when done right.

13 Nov Getting Alcohol For a Wedding Is Harder Than You Think

People love to have a bit of alcohol during a wedding. In some cases it’s the only way how certain people can get through a wedding.

One thing is for certain that you will have to spend a good deal of time with planning alcohol for a wedding if you are even asked to pull off this big task. This is a part of wedding planning at www.wedabuddy.com that you might want to think about.

How Many People?

You may want to think about the number of people who will be at a wedding as well as how many of them are of the legal drinking age. You may want to get a few drinks for each person ready. Stick with three or four drinks per person if possible.

How Many Hours?

You might want to consider the number of hours that a wedding reception will last for. Having one drink per person per hour is a good idea to consider as it will ensure that plenty of libations will be out without risking problems relating to running out midway through the event.

What Types of Drinks?

Wine is clearly going to be the most popular option to have during the wedding. The specific amount of wine that you will need to gather for the wedding will clearly vary based on what is available and what the wedded couple prefers.

In most cases a healthy mix of white and red wines will be good enough. In other cases you might add champagne to the assortment of what’s around. Either way, you must make sure you stick with fresh and useful wines that you know will be appealing to all people. If you can try and split up the wines that are being served between the many options that are out there then it should be rather easy to find good options that will fit in with the tastes that people have.

wedding bar setup

Is It a Full Bar?

A full bar is one that contains mostly wine with about a third of the drinks consisting of beer and liquor. You can also have a traditional bar that has four-fifths wine and one-fifth beer. Make sure you think about whether or not the event will feature a full bar before you even think about getting any liquor.

On a related note, you might expect to make it so people will have to give out tips at a bar. This will be due to the convenience that comes with the drinks being easy to serve. However, you might end up having to get much of that money sent out to the person who is going to serve the drinks to everyone.

Make sure you watch for whatever you want to do when you’re trying to get alcohol ready for any kind of wedding. The alcohol that you will be gathering for your event should be prepared right with plenty of good options for all to enjoy having while at your wedding. This can all be critical for the requirements that people have when trying to find a way to enjoy a good event while also making sure you’ve got enough to work with for the event.